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The incredible survival story of the Dog maggie - Science Blog (October 2019)

Occasionally we hear stories of about animals who manage to survive obstacles and particularly serious injuries.Science Hub Blog, October, 2019.

As is the case with Maggie - a dog that gives us such a huge inspiration thanks to a sweet smile, blind eyes and one ear. Maggie's powerful and exciting story began when she was found in a box in Lebanon in harsh conditions while beaten and shot, which caused her to lose one of her ears and her eyesight. 
The person who found her posted on a social network asking for help to find the poor dog a warm home, and his publication was answered by a 25-year-old London girl.

She adopted the dog, Asking the Wild At Heart Foundation to help Maggie get the treatments she needed to recover, and now you can find out more about Maggie and see her pictures.

Maggie goes out of the box where she was found

Before and after the last treatments

Life is beautiful - so smile!
Have fun and take the time on the bed.

Maggie the dog has opened an Instagram page where she…
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New research, consumption of supplements brings unexpected risks with it.

Certainly vitamins are beneficial to health, but excessive consumption of supplements can bring unexpected risks with it.

Data collected in the United States National Health and Nutrition Survey indicates a tendency to switch from multivitamin pills to targeted supplements - mainly fish oil and vitamin D.
Most of them taken over the counter. An analysis of the 2016 survey data shows that less than a quarter of supplements are taken with the recommendation of a health professional.

For most people this dietary fervor is harmless - except for a small hole in the pocket - and for anyone whose dietary composition is inappropriate or lacking in a special medical condition, dietary supplements can do wonders. 
But it's also worth remembering that high doses that significantly exceed the daily dose recommended by, for example, the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, can be dangerous. 
A reminder of this can be found in a recent study linking vitamin…

H2PRO Hydrogen, Researchers Developed Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Production Technology

E-TAC water-splitting technology improves the energy efficiency of the hydrogen production process to an unprecedented peak, 98.7%, and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. 
The development-based H2Pro company will translate it into a commercial application
Clean, cheap and safe for hydrogen production. This technology significantly enhances the efficiency of hydrogen production - from around 75% by today's methods to unprecedented energy efficiency of 98.7%. 
Avner Rothschild of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and Prof. Gideon Grader of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering together with Dr. Chen Dotan and Ph.D. student Abigail Landman.

Conclusions of this research were published in the journal Nature Energy.
Electrolysis was discovered over 200 years ago, and since then has been a cumulative collection of point improvements.

Technion researchers are now introducing a dramatic change that will lead them to cheap, clean and very safe hydrogen.

They say the ne…

UK Study Discovered Link Between Vegetarian Diet and Increased Risk of Stroke

A study done in the UK found a link between a vegetarian diet and an increased risk of stroke. However, one should not rush to the nearest butcher shopIn the media, we have recently heard about a surprising new study. How surprising? Contrary to popular belief that vegetarianism is healthy and beneficial to the body, it has been claimed by this study that this lifestyle increases the risk of stroke. 

However, when looking at the findings in depth, the conclusiosn are far less conclusive then the claims.

As part of a larger study called EPIC-Oxford : An Acronym for "European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition". 
This is part of an integrated pan-European study that began in 1992 with the aim of examining the relationship between dietary habits, lifestyle, environmental factors, cancer and other chronic diseases.

EPIC-Oxford tracks around 48,000 UK participants recruited between 1993 and 2001 for a follow-up period that is currently 18 years on average. 
By proacti…

10 Health Benefits of Ginseng(Panax)

Have you ever imagined that you can reduce your risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, improving your feeling and daily functioning, all by sipping natural tea? Ginseng(Panax) has been used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of various diseases for thousands of years, and is now widely used throughout the world. 
Ginseng contains active substances called ginsenosides, And they give the plant its unique medicinal properties. 
The types of ginseng known today in the world are Korean, which has warming properties and is recommended for cold winter days against colds and flu.
The American, best to drink it during hot months or to fight various inflammatory diseases. 
Many tests and research have been done over the years shown that ginseng has significant health benefits.  In the following article we will list the 10 most significant.

Please note - Before listing the benefits of ginseng, it should be noted that consumption may be dangerous for people who are taking blood thinn…

Measles Vaccination Long Island Rail Road(Nassau County)

Authorities Warn Of Possible Measles Exposure After 2nd Confirmed Case In Nassau County.Measles Nassau County Vaccination Long Island Rail Road - Trends.

Signs normally appear 10 to 12 days after exposure, however can start as early as 7 days and as late as 21 days.

The highly contagious illness can be captured simply by remaining in a space where somebody with measles coughed or sneezed. 
Signs consist of: Fever Runny nose Watery eyes followed by rash.
The Nassau County Department of Health states a 2nd case of measles been validated in current weeks. 
The specific person taken a trip into New York City on numerous events in between Sept. 11 and 14.
The health department released an alert to New York citizens on Thursday about a freshly verified case of measles as a threat of "possible direct exposure to the general public."
There's been a 2nd case of measles validated on Long Island, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran stated on Thursday.
If you rode the Long Island R…

How nanotechnology can be used to diagnose and treat cancer?

Treatment for skin cancer using nanoparticles immunotherapy. The strategy shows impressive results in mice.
New anti-cancer treatments apply immunotherapy: harnessing the immune system to combat the tumor. 

Clinical use of anti-cancer drugs such as 'Pembrolizumab' (Keytruda) and Ipilimumab (Yervoy) has given hope to many cancer patients, primarily those suffering from melanoma. 
Studies show that 60 percent of melanoma patients respond to immunotherapy treatments.  The rest have to wait for the development of novel therapies. Researchers from Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with scientists from the Weizmann Institute, the University of Lisbon in Portugal, and the University of Turin in Italy, have developed a new treatment for melanoma.  Integrates three strategies: Immunotherapy, addressing the tumor microenvironment, and nano-particle vaccination. The combined therapy activates immune cells against cancer cells. 
Inhibits the tumor microenvironment from interfering with their…