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Space documentary - The telescopes, open the way to a deeper and more perfect understanding of nature

science documentary 2019. A telescope is the primary instrument used for astronomy. A telescope is usually seen as an instrument to...

Monday, July 29, 2019

Space documentary - The telescopes, open the way to a deeper and more perfect understanding of nature

science documentary 2019.

A telescope is the primary instrument used for astronomy. A telescope is usually seen as an instrument to increase the image, but the main objective of the astronomical telescope is to collect light.

The telescopes are divided into several types, which differ according to the optical structure. The guiding principle of all types of telescopes is the collection of light by a large optical element and its concentration in a common focus.

space documentary 2019.

Telescopes are also different depending on the type of radiation they are sensitive to. There are telescopes at all wavelengths, from telescopes that absorb radiation emitted from the most energetic sources in the universe - gamma and x radiation, UV-sensitive telescopes, infrared radiation, and radio radiation.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the telescope with the larger optical element, the greater the amount of light it receives.

The telescopes are also distinguished according to their purpose: there are those designated for viewing and for research and photography. Some are designed for viewing planets and are more suitable for viewing pale sky. The telescope's designation is made both by the optical structure of the telescope and by the pedestal on which it is placed and the accessories that can be fitted to it.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

How intestinal bacterial fatty acids reach the brain. Can it affect the sensation of hunger?

intestinal bacteria and the brain

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the relationship between the intestinal bacteria population, and the risk of obesity and high sugar levels in the blood - the two main characteristics of the metabolic syndrome, namely risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

A decade ago, a researcher from the University of Washington in Missouri published a groundbreaking paper showing that intestinal bacteria can cause obesity in mice. This has paved the way for many human studies and the identification of microbes that are involved in obesity or can prevent it. 

In recent years, fecal implantation treatments have been developed that change the population of bacteria in the human intestine. These treatments have had promising results in the treatment of diabetes, and are now being tested for their effectiveness against obesity.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Bitter Chocolate Myth, How Did Dark Chocolate Win the Status of a Super Food?

Its positive effect on health is probably marginal at most, and is consumed with high amounts of sugar. So how did the dark chocolate win the status of a super food?

hand holding cocoa beans

One of the most common myths about nutrition is that bitter chocolate is good for health. Scientific studies have attributed dark chocolate to beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease, improved blood circulation, aid in coping with autoimmune diseases and more recently researchers have reported that it also improves mental functioning. Ostensibly, this is indeed ideal food.

Amber Necklaces to Treat Symptoms of Teething in Babies - A Superstition or Scientific Fact?

The current trend of using Amber to relieve the toothache of babies is not only based on superstition, but also might endanger the lives of children

Amber teething necklace science

pictures of 3 babies smiling

The process of teething usually begins at three to six months. Many parents describe these months as a difficult period, full of crying and sleepless nights. Many parents are looking for solutions that will alleviate the distress of their daughter or son, from popsicles to various medications. Marketers take advantage of this distress to offer magic solutions that promise everything, but often without a solid scientific basis. Such are the Amber chains, whose manufacturers often claim that they can ease the pain of babies and protect them from harm.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

New study suggests, people with better sense of smell have a better sense of direction

People with a good sense of smell also have a better sense of direction, suggesting a link between the two systems, a new study suggests

picture of a compass, woman smelling flowers and the nose of a cat.

Why do we have a sense of smell?

The smell of fruit directs us (or at least the lemurs) to the most mature fruit, and even our interpersonal relationships are affected by smells. But some researchers believe that its original use by the first animals, the advantage it gave them over the lack of sense of smell, is actually navigation. Now researchers from Canada have shown that people with a better sense of smell also navigate better.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Researchers Identified a Virus that Attacks Cancer Cells (Possible Cancer Treatment)

Possible Cancer Treatment.
Researchers identified a virus that attacks human cancer cells can distinguishes Healthy cells.

Viruses are usually supposed to worry us, but this is not the case with inoculate viruses. those that infect cancer cells and kill them, ignoring healthy cells. So it is no wonder that the search for such viruses attracts many researchers.

picture of germs, cancer cells and a microscope

The Seneca Valley virus.

This virus also known as Senecavirus affects pigs and cows. In recent years it has found to attack human cancer cells.

The ability to identify tumors and ignore normal cells tested in two trials. The first in relapsed solid tumors in children and the second in lung carcinoma.

Experiments also found that the immune system was removing the virus from the body. Thus preventing it from completing its anticancer action.

Ongoing research to understand how the Seneca Valley virus may be used for cancer treatments.

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand discovered in 2017. That the virus binds to a receptor called ANTXR1, which is active in more than 60 percent of the cancers in humans.
ANTXR1, or its full name 'Anthrax Toxin Receptor 1' is a receptor that binds to the toxin molecules. This molecules released by Bacillus anthracis are the cause of Anthrax.

Turns out that this receptor appears mainly in human cancer cells. Its second version ANTXR2 appears in healthy body cells.

New study published in the PNAS journal.

Researchers have been able to understand how this virus associate with the 'sick' receptor.

They used a cryogenic electron microscope to see the link between them at a resolution of only a few atoms.

The researchers compared the structure of the two receptors. Trying to understand which part of the ANTXR1 receptor allows it to bind to the virus.

Taking 7,000 pictures, Researchers discovered amino acids. Those acids link the receptor to the virus. Which differentiates between the two receptors.

To vaccinate the virus.

The new discovery allows us to understand how the immune system identifies the virus.

The virus uses area to bind to the receptor converges with the region of the virus that the immune system antibodies identify and bind to. The immune system antibodies identify the virus. This helps researchers make changes to the structure. So that it can continue its anticancer activity without the body fighting it.

Such a move may be dangerous as it will improve the virus's ability to destroy cancer cells. But also produce a virus that is resistant to the immune system.

A possibility is the to suppress the immune system when treating the virus. But such treatment harm the ability to attack cancer with the help of the immune system.

As is currently done in immunotherapy and cancer vaccines, which aided by the natural ability to identify tumors and destroy them. Researchers need to combine creativity and discretion to develop the next drug that will end cancer.

The Seneca Valley Virus in Close To Nuclear Resolution.

The structure demonstrates how the virus binds to its cellular receptor.

The Anthrax toxin receptor. Type 1 of this particular receptor is selectively expressed in as much as 60% of human cancer cells. As well as enables the virus to infect and demolish them though not impacting healthy cells.

Research study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. Show how the virus is able to identify its target and leave regular cells on its own.

OIST Scientists Utilized cryo electron microscopy to rebuild the Seneca Valley virus structure.

Viruses engineered to attack malignant cells act as a cancer cure in some cancer patients.

cancer virus
Cure cancer with a virus. Credit: GUYCO

In 1904, a woman in Italy experienced two life-threatening events: a diagnosis of cervical cancer and a dog bite. 

Because of the bite, doctors gave her a rabies vaccine vaccine after which the huge tumor disappeared and the woman lived without cancer until 1912. 

Immediately, several other women who had cervical cancer received the vaccine containing rabies and weakened rabies. 

In 1910, reported that some of the patients had contracted the tumors, probably because the virus had killed the cancer cells in some way. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Natural Painkiller - A Cactus that has the Potential to Relieve Chronic Pain

A Cactus from Morocco Produces a Strong Substance that can be Used as a Painkiller.
In contrast to basic flavors such as sour, sweet and salty, caused by the stimulation of specific taste receptors in the mouth, the piquant "flavor" is actually an irritation of the receptors of pain, feel and fever in the mouth. Studies have shown that a particularly strong substance produced by a certain type of cactus is strong enough to kill pain nerves. The possibility of using it as a long-term analgesic for people suffering from chronic pain is being investigated.

a picture of a cactus and a little wooden man

The sensation of heat or burning in the mouth after eating spicy foods is due to the activation of these receptors that would work if our mouth was really burned - if we were drinking boiling liquid, for example. The degree of excitability of the material is measured using an index called the Scoville scale, which estimates the concentration of the particles that cause a sense of sharpness. Pepper's strength is, for example, about 10,000-2,500 Scoville units, while pure Capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in hot peppers, amounts to up to 16 million on the Scoville scale.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Air conditioner makes you sick? What is the link between weather change and illness?

Apparently there is a link between changes in the weather to becoming more susceptible to the flu and other infections, but researchers claim this is only a circumstantial relationship. There is no question that winter is the season most identified with common colds and flu. But is there a casual connection between freezing air conditioners, cold weather and the proliferation of diseases?

lightning strikes a teddy bear and a virus

The short answer is that weather alone, however wintry, does not cause us to get ill. People living in northern Canada, Alaska, Iceland, or northern Sweden do not get more colds than those in Greece or other warm countries. The belief that cold weather may lead to illness must have evolved from confusion, similar to beliefs about the origin of Malaria. "Bad air around swamps" was for thousands of years thought to be the cause of malaria. Millions believed this, while mosquitoes had always been the real cause of the disease. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Salt is Not the Problem: Ways to Maintain a Well Balanced Blood Pressure

One of the best-known recommendations for maintaining proper blood pressure is a low-salt diet - but it is not the only recommendation. What other nutritional changes will help us to balance blood pressure, and why reducing the salt that is added to food is not necessarily effective?

a hand holding salt

Reducing table salt

Most people interpret the recommendation for low-sodium diet by reducing the salt they add to food. In fact, 75% of salt consumption comes from processed foods and not from the table salt. About 10% comes from food naturally, and only 15% is added to food during or after preparing the food.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Can Animals Have Allergies? Are They the Same as Human Allergies?

Many of Us Suffer from Excessive Immune Response to Dust, Stamens and Other Factors. What About Other Creatures?

animals and people with allergies

The immune systems of all mammals, including humans, have many common characteristics. For example, mice, cats and horses have a spleen, a lymphatic system, and white blood cells just like us. As we share with the rest of the mammals the benefits of an acquired immune system, which constantly learns to identify new threats, we may also share its shortcomings, such as allergies.