The incredible survival story of the Dog maggie - Science Blog (October 2019)

Occasionally we hear stories of about animals who manage to survive obstacles and particularly serious injuries.

Science Hub Blog, October, 2019.

Life is beautiful - so smile!

As is the case with Maggie - a dog that gives us such a huge inspiration thanks to a sweet smile, blind eyes and one ear. 

Maggie's powerful and exciting story began when she was found in a box in Lebanon in harsh conditions while beaten and shot, which caused her to lose one of her ears and her eyesight. 

The person who found her posted on a social network asking for help to find the poor dog a warm home, and his publication was answered by a 25-year-old London girl.

She adopted the dog, Asking the Wild At Heart Foundation to help Maggie get the treatments she needed to recover, and now you can find out more about Maggie and see her pictures.

Maggie goes out of the box where she was foundMaggie goes out of the box where she was found

Before and after the last treatmentsBefore and after the last treatments

The Incredible Story Of The Dog Maggie
Life is beautiful - so smile!

Have fun and take the time on the bed.

Maggie the dog has opened an Instagram page where she records her life, and over time she has been able to pull in some 248,000 followers. 

Maggie spends time with friends
Maggie spends time with friends

The Incredible Story Of The Dog Maggie 2

Free dog Hugs
Free dog Hugs :)

Dog Maggie
Maggie the Dog


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