10 Health Benefits of Ginseng(Panax)

Have you ever imagined that you can reduce your risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, improving your feeling and daily functioning, all by sipping natural tea? 

Ginseng(Panax) has been used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of various diseases for thousands of years, and is now widely used throughout the world. 

Ginseng contains active substances called ginsenosides, And they give the plant its unique medicinal properties. 

The types of ginseng known today in the world are Korean, which has warming properties and is recommended for cold winter days against colds and flu.

The American, best to drink it during hot months or to fight various inflammatory diseases. 

Many tests and research have been done over the years shown that ginseng has significant health benefits. 

In the following article we will list the 10 most significant.

10 health benefits of ginseng

Please note - Before listing the benefits of ginseng, it should be noted that consumption may be dangerous for people who are taking blood thinners for hypertension.

  • May Prevent cancer
Several studies on ginseng have found ginseng to have unique properties that slow the development of cancer cells and prevent cancer. 

Researchers investigating the effect of ginseng on more than 4,000 people found that those who consumed the plant regularly had a lower risk of contracting a number of cancers, such as lung, liver, pancreas, ovarian and gastric. 

Another study found that ginseng can improve the quality of life of those with breast cancer and significantly increase their chances of survival.

  • Helps coping with type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that makes life difficult for its sufferers, but some research has shown that using ginseng can help treat it, and its consumption has positive effects on the body's ability to control blood sugar. 

A study at the University of Maryland found that patients with type 2 diabetes who took ginseng before or while sipping a sugary drink showed a lower increase in blood sugar. 

In another study, the researchers showed that patients who combined about 3 grams of ginseng in their daily diet, their blood sugar levels were 60% lower. 

Thanks to its properties, ginseng has been called the "natural insulin injection".
10 health benefits of ginseng the "cures all" plant
  • Helps reduce weight, fat and cholesterol
The use of the plant has been shown in various studies to speed up the body's metabolism, to aid in rapid fat burning, and as a natural suppressant to the hunger sensation.

So if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, sip ginseng tea once a day and maintain a proper diet.

  • Increases sexual desire and helps with sexual function
Many studies, such as the one at the University of Illinois , USA , have shown that ginseng intake can improve your performance, with red Korean ginseng being best recommended for men with erectile dysfunction. 

In addition to sexual stimulation, another study showed that ginseng has the benefits of restoring sexual desire for menopausal women, who often suffer from sexual dysfunction. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety and contributes to mood and energy
Decreased mood and energy levels, insomnia, and general fatigue can all be the result of mental turmoil resulting from anxiety, stress and burnout. 

Ginseng can be called to task and regain our peace and lost energy. Various studies have found that ginseng active compounds are effective antidepressants, as a natural remedy for anxiety and to have significant capability to provide relaxation for mind and return us to normal energy levels. 

  • Improves mental and brain function levels
Our ability to think clearly and function at the highest level diminishes during a stressed and worn workday. 

However, you will not believe how much one cup of ginseng tea during your daily activities can do wonders and lead you to end the day as fresh as you started it. 

Ginseng has been shown to stimulate and accelerate brain activity, strengthen gray cells, and effectively perform tasks that require significant concentration capabilities. 

Further proof of the plant's benefit in this area was given to us in a study in South Korea , where it was found that Alzheimer's patients who consumed ginseng showed improvement in their brain function for about 3 months from the end of treatment. 

  • Improves lung function
Ginseng can only enhance and upgrade the processes that take place in our bodies during  sports activities. 

The use of the plant before exercising will make your body utilize the oxygen reservoirs more efficiently. 

Ginseng has been shown to improve lung performance and resilience in general, for example, in a study in which ginseng extract was injected into patients found that their lungs function and their ability to self-cleanse various parasites and bacteria improved significantly.

  • Reduces menstrual pain
The women among us know that menstrual pain is a common but very troublesome phenomenon that often disrupts their daily routine. 

Ginseng can help reduce the monthly menstrual pain, mainly because it is found to be very useful in treating the pain caused by muscle cramps. 

benefits of ginseng(Panax)
Ginseng helps the body fight the menstrual symptoms that accompany the menstrual cycle, such as dampening energy levels, increasing fatigue and frequent mood changes.

  • Combats skin aging and hair loss
Ginseng roots are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are very good for the health of our skin and for preventing its aging. 

They accelerate the action of skin cells, making it easier for them to remove dead cells and to renew and refresh the facial skin. 

Drinking one ginseng tea a day will significantly contribute to inducing new life in the skin and boosting the circulation in our bodies. 

  • Strengthens and upgrades the immune system
The immune system is very complex and sensitive. In order to maintain good health over time and prevent the common cold and from being sick over and over again, we need natural and permanent reinforcement that will give a stable system which is exactly what ginseng does. 

A study at a medical school in Atlanta, USA , found that regular consumption of ginseng powder raises the level of immune cells in the blood and lowers the risk of colds and getting the flu and other viral illnesses. 

Ginseng consumption will shorten the duration of the disease and ease its symptoms.