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Researchers found a way to differentiate male and female sperm cells easily.

Researchers found a way to differentiate male and female sperm cells easily. Materials that slow the movement of X spermIn most mammals, half of the offsprings are females, and the other half are males. 
For humans, this ratio maintained, and women are about 49.5 of the human population. 
The egg always contains an X chromosome while the sperm can contain an X and lead to a female, or a Y leading to a male. 
The likelihood of each type of sperm cell is almost equal.
So far, IVF processes have been entirely randomized in neonatal sex. 
There was no way to separate the X and Y sperm in a way that would leave them intact and capable of fertilizing the egg.

Is there a mysterious disease among e-cigarette consumers?

At least three fatalities from lung disease in the US. Doctors fear they are originating from the e-cigarette and cannabis use through vaporizers.
The US Department of Health urges the public to consider using the e-cigarette. "We trust in the work of the FDA, and the US health authorities in their work on truth research."
At least three people died of a mysterious lung disease that doctors fear may originate from the e-cigarette and cannabis vaporizers.
Last week, a patient from Indiana, who died in the United States, was reported, and two more deaths from the state of Illinois and Oregon were reported by the CDC.
Now the CDC is calling on the public to avoid using e-cigarettes.
"Until we have no reason, and while this investigation is ongoing, we advise people to think twice about using e-cigarettes."
Federal authorities are investigating 450 possible cases of mysterious lung disease related to vaporizers. As mentioned, it is unclear exactly what causes the disease.