Space documentary - The telescopes, open the way to a deeper understanding of nature

Science documentary 2019

A telescope is the primary instrument used for astronomy. A telescope is usually seen as an instrument to increase the image, but the main objective of the astronomical telescope is to collect light.

The telescopes are divided into several types, which differ according to the optical structure. The guiding principle of all types of telescopes is the collection of light by a large optical element and its concentration in a common focus.

space documentary 2019.

Telescopes are also different depending on the type of radiation they are sensitive to. There are telescopes at all wavelengths, from telescopes that absorb radiation emitted from the most energetic sources in the universe - gamma and x radiation, UV-sensitive telescopes, infrared radiation, and radio radiation.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the telescope with the larger optical element, the greater the amount of light it receives.

The telescopes are also distinguished according to their purpose: there are those designated for viewing and for research and photography. Some are designed for viewing planets and are more suitable for viewing pale sky. The telescope's designation is made both by the optical structure of the telescope and by the pedestal on which it is placed and the accessories that can be fitted to it.