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Cancer cells (Melanoma) reach the brain by Immune System "fraud".

melanoma cells // Photo: Getty Images Researchers at Tel Aviv University led by Prof. Neta Erez, and Dr. Hila Doron and research student Malak Amer, found that metastases of violent skin cancer (melanoma) reach the brain by immune system "fraud". They "impersonate" the cells of the immune system itself, which are recruited to combat simulated tissue damage in the brain.  The researchers have developed a method to neutralize the mechanism of deception that may prevent metastasis in melanoma patients in the future.  The research ( link to the study ), was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, head of the Cancer and Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, at Tel Aviv University. "Melanoma skin cancer is known to be a violent and deadly disease, mainly because it sends metastases to vital organs in the body, and in many cases to the brain," says Professor Erez.  "We wanted to find out how cancer cells reach brai