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The following story sounds like the beginning of an unsuccessful horror film. An American man, who does not drink alcohol and takes a reasonable diet, found out one day that sometimes the body betrayed us in particularly frightening ways, and that his enormous stomach concealed an unusual phenomenon.
beer belly

About two years ago a California resident named Hector Hernandez noticed that he was gaining weight and his stomach were becoming very prominent. How prominent? He began to gain weight unusually though he did not radically change his habits. Hernandez, 47, thought the unusual abdominal obesity he suffered was the result of middle age symptoms.

His friends laughed at the magnificent "belly of beer" he had raised, even though he did not drink alcohol. After trying to diet and persevering in physical activity, his hard-to-touch stomach continued to grow and only his arms grew thinner, at this point his suspicion grew, and he quickly reported to his doctor about the problem.

This news Hernandez did not expect. CT scans showed that he was hiding a huge cancerous tumor weighing about 30 kilograms. The reason that the tumor was able to grow to huge proportions and brought him to a weight of almost 150 kilograms was because it was always difficult to maintain the weight and therefore did not think that his terrifying stomach required examination. Even funny comments from his friends did not undermine his confidence.

The tumor in the abdomen is known as liposarcoma retroperitoneal, a cancerous tumor that is made up of fat tissue and hidden in the back of the abdomen, making it difficult to locate. "These tumors can reach the size of a watermelon. The incidence of these rare tumors is 2.5 cases per million people and despite their enormous size they do not spread in the internal organs and That they are attracted to fat cells.

it reached an extraordinary weight. "Tumors like this usually weigh up to 10 or 15 kilograms, Hernandez's doctors chose to remove the massive lesion by surgery that lasted about six hours. He entered the hospital weighing about 120 kilograms He came out lighter and healthier.

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