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Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Your Tongue

Who has a longer tongue - men or women? Can our tongue get fat? What color indicates our health? 

picture of dogs, cows, a little girl and a woman

Here are some exciting facts about your favorite muscle:

Average tongue length is 8.5 cm. Sounds too long? This is because it is measured from the lid of the throat to the tip. 

Women, by the way, have a shorter average length of 7.9 cm. 

The tongue actually consists of eight different groups of muscles that fit together to form one organ. 

The tongue is the only muscle in the human body that can act independently of the skeleton and bones, and is considered the strongest muscle (or muscle group) in the human body, although of course there are some technical limitations. 

The tongue has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste glands and they are composed of sensory cells that renew themselves every day. 

No one has a tongue like yours. This is because, like fingerprints, each person in the world has a tongue with a different patterns and textures.

Can people be identified according to their tongue?

It's a bit tricky because the tongue is protected by the mouth, it's also hard to invent devices that can be used for identification. 

But be sure that scientists are now working on some way to use it as a biometric identification.

Can the tongue get fat?

The Tongue has a high percentage of fat, and there is a link between fat volume in the tongue and in the body. 

A study published in Sleep magazine found that a large tongue with higher fat could be a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea - a condition in which a person stops breathing intermittently while he is asleep.

Can the tongue indicate the state of our health?

Let's start with the color - A too bright and red tongue may indicate a deficiency of folic acid or vitamin B12, and Kawasaki disease, which is an acute inflammation of the blood vessels in children. 

Also, white spots or white coating on the tongue can indicate mouth infection or leukoplakia, which is a precursor of oral cancer. Beyond that, black tongue can indicate the presence of bacteria. Finally, warts on the tongue can be a sign of cuts and mouth sores, or cancer.

What is certain is that it is best to keep it clean, to prevent bad breath, to ventilate the taste buds, to prevent infections and fungus, and gum disease - whether by mouthwash or simply brush it twice a day: use the toothbrush or tongue cleaner.


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