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Babies, Beach Balls and Yoga

The soft and colorful beach ball can be bought anywhere. It is recommended to use a variety of exercises to strengthen the baby's muscles. 

The beach ball is an accessory found in every home and you can do a lot of activities with the little ones and of course with the big ones.

babies and balls

In addition to being a fun and enjoyable accessory, the ball can be used to perform simple and effective exercises with the baby to help him strengthen his muscles, control his body and movement memory and encourage proper motor development in the baby.

The exercises that can be done with the ball are good for lying on the stomach, lifting the head, erecting the back, relieving the gases and stimulating the vestibular system, which is the system responsible for muscle tone, balance, physical awareness, attention, coordination between the two sides of the body.

It is important to perform the exercises carefully and moderately and in any case do not leave the baby alone on the ball, you should keep an eye on it all the time. 

Also, keep in mind that the exercises should be pleasant for the baby, if the baby stressed or uncomfortable, stop the exercise and continue with the next exercise.

Massage on a ball

Start with a light massage with the ball, with the baby lying on your stomach. 

Take the ball and roll it over the baby throughout the body, it is important to apply just a little pressure in circular movement so that the baby will get the right type of massage. 

Roll it on the legs, hands, and sides of the back, roll it diagonally from the left foot to the right shoulder and of course the other side. 

The massage is good for strengthening the baby's diagonal muscles and encourages crawling.

Strengthening the shoulder belt

Raise the baby and place her with the stomach on the ball. With one hand hold her back and the with the other hand hit the ball. The exercise strengthens the shoulder belt and helps with gas.

Stimulation of the vestibular system and the diagonal muscles

When the baby's stomach is on the ball, hold the baby with both hands. Rock him from side to side, back and forth, and turn to one side and to the other. 

While swinging you can linger a little with the baby on one side and then proceed. Notice that when you move the baby to one side, the opposite leg bends.

Swinging and turning on the ball stimulates the vestibular system, preparing for turning from back to tummy and back, and strengthening the diagonal muscles of the baby.

When the baby is still lying on her stomach, put a toy in front of her, swing it back and forth, and let her try to reach out and reach for the toy. 

Allow the baby to reach the floor with her feet and kick her feet. This way she will push herself up with her toes and fold her legs back for the return. 

This exercise strengthens the leg muscles and improves the lifting of the head and extending the hands forward. If the baby is sitting you can sit him on the ball and make small jumps. Jumping is good for gas and stimulates the vestibular system

Strengthening the abdominal muscles

If the baby agrees, lay the baby with his back on the ball, and swing it slightly. Inverted lying relaxes the back muscles and abdominal muscles and improves the ability to lie on your stomach and raise your head.

Lay the baby with his back on the floor, hold the ball over him and let him try to catch the ball, repeat it several times. 

In this exercise the baby strengthens the shoulder belt and chest muscles and improves the ability to bring his hands to the center of the body.

It is important to remember to be attentive to the baby, and if he or she complains - stop the activity. 

Enjoy together!


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